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Project Goals

  • To make music more accessible as a means of communication.

Project Details

  • My project questions the conventional definition of 'music' as organised sound. I believe music is a necessity and can be therapeutic as it enables us to express emotions and to connect with people across cultures, races, and ages. I wish to remove social barriers and encourage all to communicate with each other through this universal language, and to provide the means to those who may not otherwise have access to an instrument. Pianos will be put at locations where feasible, such as HK and Kowloon Parks, courtyards of housing estates, MTR stations, the airport, hospitals, elderly homes etc, and the public may play as they wish. By providing a guestbook at each venue and inviting participants to video their experiences, I wish to make a short film documenting everyone's thoughts.

Youtube Video

Budget Plan

  Use Amount (HKD)
1. Piano rental (10 pianos x 3 months) $9,000
2. Transportation costs $8,000
3. Costs for making the documentary (incl. equipment) $7,000
4. Miscellaneous expenses (stationery etc) $1,000
  Total amount $25,000

My Deadlines

Start date
February 7
Completion date
February 1

My Project Info

Wong Nicolette Tiffany



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